Now a days everybody wants an extra income and especially by working from home. But spending too many hours infront of a computer is also tiresome and bording. 

If you have little financial knowledge this is for you. If you know anything about Stock Trading or Currency Trading well and good. What we suggest is a simple task which will take only 5-10 minutes of your time. You can make $50 or more a day if you are a hardworker. 

What you have to do?

1.Just click on the link below and Register.

2. Immediately you will be credited with $100 in your account to start trading

3. First go for Trading. Here you will see a list of financial instiutions and you can purchase a single unit of any stocks with the given money. Maximum is $5 per transaction.

4. You can purchase from the list any of it but see the profitability before you purchase. To start with go for 2 or 3 stocks in a day. 

5. Each time you purchase it will show how much money you earn in the next day.

6. Once you finish Trading go for Binary options and do the same. Also the same rules apply.

7. Your pay out will be when you have over and above $100 as your profit other than the capital amount of $100 company credited in your account.

8. Each time you log on you will get a credit of $1.00 to in your account.

This is a simple and No Risk Trading Platform. Not sure how long this offer will last, but use the opportunity.